About Us


Whenever you hear about Bali, it will be most likely about the white sand beach and romantic sunsets on a beach club. The insanely cheap accommodations and living expenses, thousands of so-called “instagrammable spots” make Bali, luckily -if we may say- become one of the top destinations for travelers; digital nomads, influencers, or just casual travelers.

Our team in PukuCamper saw it differently. As locals who born and raised in Bali, our concern is to create a conscious traveling so that tourists can value this island, the way it is. The island of gods, the paradise, the treasured beaches, the sacred temples, serene forests, its traditions, and magnificent culture.  We are not just talking about the environmental impact of the vigorous accommodation development, but most of all the impact on the true local community in Bali, the Balinese people, and the beautiful chaos we live in.

Learning from our parents, elders, and tourism enthusiast, what makes Bali special at first, until it becomes famous like today, was its People, Culture and Arts. But we can see how it’s the opposite of what Bali is well known for today.

That’s the fundamental reason why PukuCamper is born. We want you, wanderers, to experience more of the real Bali, to go even further, spreading the good tourism impact to other parts of Bali that left behind.

And after 4 years since we were born and serving thousands of travelers exploring greater distance on our campervan, hearing all of their stories, reading comments and reviews, these are the main reason why we keep moving on and firmly put our beliefs that we move in the right way to make Bali even better tourist destination and to create lifetime memories for every PukuCamper wanderers.

The founding

With the massive development of Bali’s road infrastructure, more camping grounds are built and with the presence of nowadays marketplace and E-Commerce from the internet, building a campervan in Bali is relatively become much easier. We start our product with a mini-campervan where we think and now it’s proven to be the best vehicle to conveniently roam Bali’s challenging roads and traffic.

To provide our wanderers best travel experience, we are not only focusing on the products, but the most important thing is how we can create a flawless campervan ecosystem in Bali to ensure every wanderer’s safety, great camping, and driving experience, and to deliver unforgettable Bali holiday memories.

Present Days

Starting with 2 units in 2018, now we operate 4 units of reliable campervans, supported by 10+ camping /parking sites around Bali, and continue to grow. Not only campsites, but we also managed to work with local people around the campsite to ensure your safety during camping night or if you need help for your camping needs. After 4 Years of operations, we’ve served travelers from across the globe from foreigners, domestics, and the local market, so far with outstanding reviews from google or online platform such as Airbnb. Our campervan ecosystem is getting stronger each day and we are ready to realize your dream campervan trip or make your Bali Holiday memorable.

Present days

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The founding members

Indra Parameswara

Founder & CEO

Born and raised in Bali with a major in Hospitality, quit his career in the hotel industry and become a full-time wanderer, he enjoys driving distance and finding out new places. Build PukuCamper with a vision to life to wander, spreads the good and better impact of tourism to local especially tourism community around Bali.

Riela Pricilia


An energetic woman with a major in Law of Business, a travel enthusiast, and a really great travel partner. Now becoming a mother, she plays an important role in the founding years to set up the business operations and ensure safety for every wanderer.

Our philosophy

The word PUKU comes from UKUP (spell backward) the Balinese slang word which commonly means a “jackpot” – when you get something that you didn’t expect and even get more than you wanted. Put it simply to deliver and share great happiness. We strive to deliver a lifetime experience to each of our wanderers that come and visit Bali. Hoping to give a new and good perspective of Bali by encouraging every wanderer to travel further to see Bali even closer. Our tagline #wandernow defines that we are ready whenever that desire to travel comes to your mind and proves that a campervan trip is a must thing to do in Bali.