Best Deals & Extra Activities


Early Bird

The best deals are here! Book early to get the best rates available for every camper. By booking early, you can plan the trip even better. We are here to help you!

Last Minutes

All of our campers are camping ready, so whenever your desire to explore is calling you, we are determined to make it happen.

Group or Family Camping

Not only campervans, but we also have various choices of campsites that are suitable for any occasions, camping together with friends or family now is a hustle free!

Pay 2 For 3

Bali is not as small as you think, so day trips (24 Hrs) will not be enough to explore the island. We recommend taking some extra days for a more relaxing road trip.

Why Our Campers?

Easy To Use

It drives just like a normal car and no rocket science in operating the campers. We choose and modify our car to fit in Bali’s road conditions, most importantly to ensure your safety to have a great Bali campervan trip.

Fully Equipped

All of our campers are camping ready with all the sleeping equipment, electricity, and water supplies; up until cooking and dining tools. Enough food, drinking water, and maybe spare clothes are all you need to have a great campervan trip to Bali.


We will make sure all of your favorite and important occasions could be made possible with the choices of our campers and also our extra services. We’ve been organizing events from birthdays to romantic engagement proposals, extraordinary dining experiences, movie nights, and even outdoor music festivals.


Added one to your itinerary for a great road trip and a more memorable one:

BBQ night, Movie Night, Canoe in the lake, Photoshoot, Jungle Trekking, Mt. Agung and Batur Hiking, Canyoning, White water rafting, etc.

What’s not included:

Petrol, Campsite/Parking Fee, Gas Canister, Insurance.